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Of course, the fastest way to get to Poland is by plane. But before you get here (or once you do) you need to know where you're going, when to leave, what to take, and how to put it all together. To help you in this, we set up pages on everything we could find (and believe me, it wasn't easy!) on airports and airline info.

 All Hubs Lead to Warsaw

If you decided to take to the skies, chances are you will land at Warsaw International Airport. While still quite a small compound (by Chicago or Frankfurt standards), the facilities are new and it can be a rather painless experience. The airport has two main levels (upper and lower - see terminal map) so don't worry too much about getting lost. From our menu to the right, choose a section on the airport that interests you the most.

 What time is that flight?

The quickest way to answer that question is to check out our flight schedules for Warsaw and other domestic airports (valid until 20 Oct 98) from the menu to the right.

GoPlane! Guide
Warsaw International Airport:
Flight Schedule
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Terminal Map

Regional Airports:

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