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The fastest way is by taxi, but try to avoid taking the "airport taxis". You'll see some slick-dressed gentlemen in expensive taxis that will charge you an arm and leg for a rather short distance. Instead, call a radio taxi that will pick you up within minutes (see Warsaw's Practical Stuff section for phone numbers).

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please note: effective Sept 1 '99 - Airport City Bus has been discountinued - don't ask us why. We will leave the information about it with the hope that the authorities change their minds and reinstate the service

Or, you can take the shuttle Airport City which runs every 20 minutes between 6 and 23. Or take Polski Express, a line of long distance buses which now also take passengers to the center (runs every hour). Buy your 6zl ticket from the driver.

Polski Express will also take you to other cities throughout Poland, so check their schedule (tel.620 03 30) once you arrive.

 Hotel Shuttle
Some hotels offer shuttle service: check with yours for a schedule.

 Car Rental
A score and more of car rental services have set up shop in the main lobby downstairs.

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