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Sea Museum (Centralne Muzeum Morskie)
ul. Szeroka 67/68, tel. 301 69 38, 301 53 11. The museum is located at the Old Crane (Zuraw Gdanski) and across the water on the Royal Island (Wyspa Krolewska).

Old Crane: 9.30-16 Tue-Fri; 10-16 Sat-Sun. Exhibits on Polish and foreign naval forces.
Royal Island: 9.30-16 Tue-Fri; 10-16 Sat-Sun. Exhibit of Polish Baltic history, submarines, archaeological artifacts.

Gdansk History Museum (Muzeum Historii Miasta Gdanska)
ul. Dluga 47, tel. 301 48 71, hours: 10-16 Tue-Sat; 11-16 Sun; closed on Mon

"Gdansk Destroyed and Reconstructed" - photo exhibit, history of the Town Hall interiors, city's artistic craft.

National Museum (Muzeum Narodowe)
ul. Torunska 1, tel. 301 70 61, hours: 10-16 Tue-Fri; 10-17 Sat-Sun; closed on Mon

16-18th c. Gdansk painters, 19th c. city artists, 19-20th c. Polish paintings, 15-19th c. gold craft, 16-18th c. Gdansk furniture, history of furniture making in Gdansk and East Pomerania, foreign paintings.

Archaeological Museum (Muzeum Archeologiczne)
ul. Mariacka 25/26, tel. 301 50 31, hours: 9-16 Tue, Thur, Fri; 10-17 Wed; 10-16 Sat, Sun & holidays; closed on Mon

Archaeological artifacts from Pomerania, artistic craft from the Roman times, amber art, Slavic origins in Gdansk.

Artus Court (Dwor Artusa)
ul. Dlugi Targ 45, tel. 31 43 59, hours: 10-16 Tue-Sat; 11-16 Sun; closed on Mon

History of the 14th c. mansion and origins of secular city intelligentsia.

Church Clocks Museum (Muzeum Zegarow Wiezowych)
St. Catherine's Church, hours: 10-15 Wed-Sun.

Ethnographic Museum (Muzeum Etnograficzne)
Gdansk-Oliwa, ul. Opacka 12, tel. 552 12 71, hours: 9-16

Pomeranian folk culture, Wojnow monastery icons exhibit.

Interior Furnishing Museum (Muzeum Wnetrz Mieszczanskich)
ul. Dluga 12, tel. 301 13 63, 301 23 71, hours: 10-16 Tue-Sat; 11-16 Sun; closed on Mon

History of interior decorating of Gdansk living quarters, especially middle class.

Post and Telecommunications Museum (Muzeum Poczty i Telekomunikacji)
pl. Obroncow Poczty Polskiej 1/2, tel. 301 76 11, hours: 10-16 Mon, Wed-Fri; 10.30-14 Sat, Sun & holidays; closed on Tue

History of postal services from the 15th c. on, stamp collection.

Modern Art Museum (Muzeum Sztuki Wspolczesnej)
Gdansk-Oliwa, ul. Cystersow 15a, tel. 52 12 71, hours: 10-17 Tue, Thur-Sat; 10-17 Sun; closed on Mon & holidays

Modern art exhibit, collection of outside sculptures in the museum park.

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