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Neptune's Fountain
Topping a Renaissance styled fountain, this 17th century Neptune sums up the essence of Gdansk: god of the sea, port to the oceans.
The Green Gate
In addition to Gdansk as a gateway to the seas, you can enjoy a number of land-based gates as well. The Green Gate passes through a 16th century palace intended for the Polish kings. Today, it houses the Monuments Renovation Lab, appropriately enough.
The High Gate
Also built in the 16th century (and fortunately still showing signs of its age), the High Gate originally welcomed visitors to Gdansk and now welcomes them to the start of the Royal Trail.
The Crane Gate
And for a gate of another kind, you cannot miss this 15th century crane. 30 meters high and rebuilt after WWII, it was the biggest in Europe for centuries.
City Hall
Also dating back to the 15th century, this Renaissance beauty (which now houses the History of Gdansk Museum) gained size and ornamentation in the succeeding centuries; its Red Hall is of especial note.
The Arsenal
A famous work of Opbergen, this Arsenal provides an excellent example of the Flemish touch to Gdansk.
The Torture Hall
Another Opbergen improvement, the Torture Hall earned its name and today imprisons the Criminology Dept. of Gdansk University.
ulica Mariacka
Take a stroll down Mariacka Street to take in the beauty of the buildings and their doorsteps.
 St. Catherine's Church
The bells in this Gothic church rang on the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII, a fitting tribute for the city where it began.
 St. Mary's Church
Towering over Gdansk, St. Mary's stands today as testament to the city's will. This largest of Poland's churches, it was completely destroyed in WWII.
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