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Katowice History Museum
ul. Szafranka 9, tel. 156 21 34, hours: 10-15 Tue, Thur; 10-18 Wed, Fri; 11-14 Sat-Sun; closed Mon

Like most city history museums, this one covers Katowice's past. Of particular interest are the Witkacy pastels, china produced in the steel mill, and some interesting home interiors from the past.

Pawel Steller Museum
ul. Andrzeja 13, tel. 51 26 83

This museum provides a glimpse at Pawel Steller's life, autobiography and works.

The Silesian Museum
Al. W. Korfantego 3, tel. 58 56 61, hours: 10-17 Tue-Fri; 11-16 Sat-Sun; closed on Mon

The museum is huge: it exhibits and researches just about everything to do with this region of Poland. The majority of its holdings were gathered together over the last few decades, but it does display some older Polish paintings, including An orchestra by P.Wrobel.

Museum of the Archdiocese
ul. Jordana 39, tel. 51 21 60 ext. 94, hours: 14-18 Tue-Thur; 14-17 Sun; closed on Mon & Sat

This museum offers an artistic combination: Silesian sacral and extra-Silesian secular art from the medieval times on.

Museums in nearby towns

The Upper Silesian Museum
Pl.Jana III Sobieskiego 2, Bytom, tel. 81 82 91, hours: 10-15 Tues, Thur, Fri; 10-18 Wed; 11-15 Sat-Sun; closed on Mon

If you want to learn everything there is to know and see about Silesia's past, this is the museum to visit. The archeology holdings stretch back to the Stone Age, the historical sections cover unique points in Silesia's past (such as those periods under non-Polish rule), the requisite paintings and folk paraphernalia properly demonstrate regional artistic talents, and the natural contributions of this region beautifully round out the picture.

Ethnographic Park of Upper Silesia
ul. Parkowa 1, Chorzow, tel. 41 07 18, hours: 10-17 Tue-Fri; 12-19 Sat-Sun; closed on Mon

This skansen preserves the 14th century life as they knew it in Silesia. Here you can see farmer's cottages, a blacksmithery, a granary, a tannery, a potter's shop, and a wind mill.

Staszica Mine and Museum
ul. Szczesc Boze 52, Tarnowskie Gory, tel. 85 29 81, hours: 9-14 Tue-Sun

If you want to know how they mined in the old days, this site will clear up any questions you have. They display here the equipment used along with illustrative models of mine operation.

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