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A bird's eye view of Koszalin reveals a vast expanse of forested green: forests (mainly coniferous with a few deciduous trees thrown in) cover almost 40% of the city area, way beyond the Polish average of 26%.

But the green does not stop in the forest; if you add in gardens and assorted cultivated areas, the flora tops out at 72% of the land. Most of this is protected in 21 nature reserves and 7 landscape zones. So much greenery provides excellent housing for numerous animal species, such as deer, wild hogs, badgers, and otters. 250 bird species nest in the nature reserves, including black swans (rare in other parts of Poland), cormorants, grey herons, and black storks. Half of one of the oldest bird reserves - Lubiatowskie Lake - belongs to the Province of Koszalin. Without having to leave the city, guests can admire picturesque valleys and monumental trees that form the beautiful nature park "Wawozy grabowe". The richness of nature and the absence of big industry in the Koszalin result in exceptionally clean air, comparable to the quality experienced in famous resorts.

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