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The first sight you will see in Koszalin is the 14th century Gothic Cathedral situated on a hill. Visit it for its outstanding main altar (a masterpiece by Andrzej Wentzel from 1512); a crucifix from an older chapel on Chelmska Mountain; a Gotland font from the 14th century; and organs with their aristocratic, Baroque sound well-heard during the Festival of Organ Music.

Of the medieval buildings only a few remain: a late-Gothic tenant house on Boguslaw the Second Street (today a wedding office) and a Gothic tenant house with a portal at Chrobrego Street. Grodzka Street is also worth seeing in particular for its Executioner`s House (Dom Kata) built in the 15th century.

When the town executioner wasn't busy fulfilling his primary brief, he also punished thieves caught red-handed at the market, and publicly shamed those who forged weights or measures by reading out their names. Close by the Executioner's House on Mickiewicza Street is the Holy Trinity Church, at present an Orthodox Church. The Old Town is surrounded by well-preserved defensive walls built in the 13th and 14th centuries. Their bricks were used to rebuild the town after the great fire in 1718.

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