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For centuries, Polish kings lived and died in Wawel Castle. Even after the seat of political power moved to Warsaw, the kings continued to be crowned and buried here. Joining them are a number of Polish heros and poets, promoting this site to near-pilgrimage status for Poles. Wawel captures the heart because its history closely mirrors that of Poland itself; it declined and fell, then revived, then fell again, until today it enjoys another period of glory.
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Visiting Hours
tel. 422 16 97
Treasury, Armory & Royal Chambers
9.30-16.30 Tue-Fri; 9.30-15.30 Wed-Thur; 9.30-15 Sat; 10-15 Sun; Mon closed.
Lost Wawel
9.30-15.30 Mon, Wed-Thur; 9.30-16.30 Fri; 9.30-15 Sat; 10-15 Sun; Tue closed.
Dragon's Cave
open daily
Cathedral, Zygmunt's Bell, Royal Tombs
9-17 Mon-Sat; 12.15-17 Sun, holidays

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