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Royal Castle (Zamek Krolewski)

National Museum (Muzeum Narodowe)
Al. 3 Maja 1, tel: 634 33 77, hours: 10-15.30 Tue; 10-18 Wed; 10-15:30 Thur-Sun

This museum contains a diverse collection of art. Along with an exhibit on Middle Eastern art and Polish military memorabilia, it contains one of the largest collections of Polish modern art covering many periods. Many artists displayed come from the Krakow region.

Museum of Archeology (Muzeum Archeologiczne)
ul. Poselska 3, tel. 422 71 00, 422 75 60, hours: 9-14 Mon-Wed; 14-17 Thur; 11-14 Sun; closed on Fri & Sat

Situated in a former prison, this museum exhibits a large collection of art from paleolithic to medieval ages, an equally large collection of Krakow regional archaeological artifacts, and permanent exhibits which focus on medieval Malopolska and prehistoric Nowa Huta.

Museum of the Archdiocese (Muzeum Archidiecezjalne)
ul. Kanonicza 19, tel. 421 89 63, hours: 10-15 Tue-Sat; closed on Sun, Mon & holidays

Located in a 14th century canonic house, this museum displays sacral art from the Krakow Archdiocese along with paintings from the 13th century. Of particular interest is the special Pope John Paul II room with authentic furnishings.

Museum of Ethnography (Muzeum Etnograficzne)
ul. Wolnica 1, tel. 656 56 01, 656 28 63, hours: 10-18 Mon; 10-15 Wed-Fri; 10-14 Sat, Sun, & holidays; closed on Tue, free on Sun

This museum displays Polish folk art, concentrating on customs, paintings and ceramics. Of special interest are the decorated Easter Eggs and Krakow's very own creches.

Pharmacy Museum (Muzeum Farmacji)
ul. Florianska 25
tel. 422 05 49, hours: 15-19 Tue; 11-14 Wed-Sun; 11-14 on the 2nd to 4th Sat of each month; closed on Mon & holidays

This unique museum covers the history of the pharmacy nicely demonstrated with interiors of old drugstores and pharmacy laboratories.

Museum of the History of Photography (Muzeum Historji Fotografii)
ul. Jozefitow 16, tel. 633 06 37, 634 59 32, hours: 12-17.30 Tue; 10-15.30 Wed-Sun; closed on Mon

Photographic history illustrated with photographs and postcards from the 19th and 20th centuries along with a collection of old cameras.

City History Museum (Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa)
several branches, most popular are at Old Town Square 35 and Old Synagogue (see below), tel. 422 99 22, hours: 9-15:30 Wed, Fri-Sun; 11-18 Thur; closed on Mon, Tue and on 2nd Sat & Sun of each month

Spread throughout 3 merchant houses, the museum displays objects from the city's beginnings (1257). It also contains a gallery of portraits and a collection of old clocks.

Old Synagogue (Stara Synagoga)
ul. Szeroka 24, tel. 422 09 62, hours: 9-15.30 Wed, Thur, Sat, Sun; 11-18 Fri; closed on 1st Sat & Sun of every month

Situated in the oldest synagogue in Poland (15th C), the museum exhibits the religious and cultural history of Polish Jews with a special focus on Krakow's Jewry. Objects of every day use, medals, photographs and paintings.

Stanislaw Wyspianski Museum (Muzeum Stanislawa Wyspianskiego)
ul. Kanoniczna 9, tel. 422 83 37, hours:10-15:30 Tue-Wed; 9-17 Thur; 10-15:30 Fri-Sun

This museum is dedicated to this famous 19th century Polish playwright, painter and poet.

Czartoryski Museum (Muzeum Czartoryskich)
ul. Jana 19, tel. 422 55 66, hours:10-15:30 Tue-Fri; 10-18 Fri; 10-15:30 Sat-Sun

European paintings from 14th to 18th centuries. Leonardo da Vinci's "Woman with Weasel" is a must see.

Jan Matejko House (Dom Jana Matejki)
ul. Florianska 41, tel. 422 59 26, hours:10-15:30 Tue-Thur; 10-18 Fri; 10-15:30 Sat-Sun

Housed in the home where Matejko was born and died, this museum exhibits many of the paintings, drawings and even costumes designed by this most famous of 19th century Polish masters.

Jozef Mehoffer House (Dom Jozefa Mehoffera)
ul. Krupnicza 26, tel. 421 11 43, hours:10-15.30 Tue, Thur-Sun; 10-18 Wed

Visit another house of another famous Polish painter but of this century.

Center of Japanese Art and Technology Manggha (Centrum Sztuki i Techniki Japonskiej Manggha)
ul. Konopnickiej 26, tel. 267 27 03, hours:10-18 Tue-Sun

Founded in 1994 by Poland's famous movie director Andrzej Wajda, its main exhibit derives from one of the finest European collections of ancient Japan gathered together over the years by the Polish traveller Feliks Jasienski.

Nature/Botanical Museum (Muzeum Przyrodnicze)
ul. sw. Sebastiana 9, tel. 422 89 37, hours:10-14 Tue-Fri; 9-13 on Sat-Sun

This natural museum displays fauna and flora from Poland and around the world. Main exhibits include exotic insects, domestic birds, and sea shells.

Jagiellonian University Museum (Muzeum Uniwersytetu Jagielonskiego)
ul. Jagiellonska 15, tel. 422 05 49, hours: 11-14:30 Mon-Fri; 11-13:30 Sat

This intriguing museum covers the history of the oldest university in Poland, and contains a collection of astronomical instruments along with a portrait gallery.

"Pharmacy Under Eagle" Museum (Muzeum Pamieci Narodowej Apteka Pod Orlem)
pl. Bohaterow Getta, tel. 656 56 25, hours: 10-16 Mon-Fri; 10-14 Sat

This unique museum focuses on the Krakow Ghetto of World War II, with photographs and art complemented by every day objects.

Zoology Museum (Muzeum Zoologiczne)
ul. Ingardena 6, tel. 633 63 77 ext.414, hours: 10-14 Tue, Wed, Fri

This museum displays animals from around the world, especially butterflies and sea shells.

Polish Aviation Museum (Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego)
al. Jana Pawla 39, tel. 412 78 55, 412 90 00, hours: 9-16 Tue-Fri; 10-15 Sat; 10-16 Sun

Like a good aviation museum should, this one includes airplanes, helicopters, airplane engines and experimental rockets.

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