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 Auschwitz and Kazimierz
The past draws us in myriad ways. We pay homage to its vestiges, seeking a point of reference from the remnants of incomprehensible events. So it is with the remains of the concentration camp Auschwitz. Yet today, revisiting Poland's Jewish past is more than paying respects to the dead; the centuries old Jewish community of Kazimierz relives, little by little, each year.

 Wieliczka Salt Mine
Truly a wonder of the world, and worth every minute of the hours long tour, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is enormous, beautiful, and still in business.

 A trail of Eagles' Nests
Past grandeur is still palpable in this ring of ruins which formerly protected Poland's southern border. One of the many fortresses constructed in the 14th century still stands - Pieskowa Skala - but the remainder top the peaks in a tumbled down array of glory passed.

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