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On your way to the town square, you're likely to pass by this impressive looking remnant of the old medieval fort.
To best appreciate the new Town Hall, stand across the street. Looking slightly uphill, you can take in the size (appreciative) and the old base standing foundation to the new building.
Yet another example of social realism: this statue stands in the park between the Planetarium and the Town Hall, and appears to be useful for more than remembering the past.
The yet-to-be renovated buildings lend a sense of the past.
And the newly-built town mall on pl. Pulaskiego offers a sense of the future.
As with most castles begun hundreds of years ago, this one celebrates a mix of styles. This tower remains the oldest hunk of the original, and sits companionably next to the more recent elements.
 St. Jacob's
Undergoing renovation, the large, even huge, St. Jacob's stands off the town center on ul. Staszica.
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