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National Museum (Muzeum Narodowe)
main building ul. Staromlynska 27
tel. 433 50 66 ext. 53, hours: 10-16 Tue, Thur-Sun; 9-15 Wed; closed on Mon

Set in an 18th century Baroque palace, this museum focuses on ancient and modern West Pomeranian art. Permanent exhibits include old silver, 14th century Gothic Art, and 19th century Polish art.

City History Museum (Muzeum Historii Miasta)
ul. Msciwoja 8, tel. 488 02 49, hours: 10-16 Tue, Thur-Sun; 9-15 Wed; closed on Mon

Located in a 13th century Gothic city hall, this museum exhibits art, coins, icons, archealogical artifacts, and many other elements that together tell the history of Szczecin. Permanent exhibits cover the beginnings of the city, the 16-18th centuries and the urban transformation of the 19th century.

Marine Museum (Muzeum Morskie)
Waly Chrobrego 3, tel. 433 60 02, hours: 10-16 Tue-Thur-Sun; 9-15 Wed; closed on Mon

As an important Baltic seaport, Szczecin contributed strongly to the maritime history of the region. The museum includes a full array of permanent and temporary exhibits which concentrate on Slavic history on the Baltic Sea, tales of Baltic sailing throughout the centuries and Baltic arts exhibits. Interestingly, the museums also houses a large collection of West African art.

Museum of the Archdiocese (Muzeum Archidiecezjalne)
ul. Wyszynskiego 19, tel. 433 90 94, hours: between Jun 1 and Sept 30, hours: 10-13 and 14-16 on all days except for Monday and holidays; otherwise by appointment only.

Interesting exhibitions focusing on the history of Christianity in Western Pomerania.

Castle Museum (Muzeum Zamkowe)
Pomeranian Dukes Castle, ul. Korsarzy 34, tel. 434 73 91, hours: daily 9-17, closed on Mon

Sarcophagi of the last Pomeranian princes, history of the castle, archaeological artifacts.

History of Medicine Museum (Muzeum Historii Medycyny)
ul. Rybacka 1, tel. 433 63 57, hours: by appointment

Documents and objects relating to the history of medicine in the region and the world.


Modern Art Gallery (Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej)
ul. Staromlynska 1, tel. 433 50 82 ext. 53 & 33, hours: 10-16 Tue, Thur-Sun; 9-15 Wed; closed on Mon; National Museum branch.

Galleries of Pomeranian Dukes Castle (Galerie Zamku Ksiazat Pomorskich)
ul. Korsarzy 34, tel. 434 22 62, hours: 10-18 Tue-Fri; 5 galleries situated throughout the castle.

Galeria "Kierat I"
ul. Konski Kierat 14, tel. 488 05 18, hours: 11-17 Tue-Fri; 10-16 Sat

Galeria "Star"
ul. Konski Kierat 16, tel. 488 09 97, hours: 12-17 Tue-Sat

Galeria "Amfilada"
al. Wojska Polskiego 84, tel. 22 52 61, hours: 14-18 Tue-Sat

"13 Muses" Gallery (Galeria Klubu "13 Muz")
pl. Zolnierza Polskiego 2, tel. 434 71 73, hours: daily 12-18, closed on Mon

"Next To Shark" Gallery (Galeria "Obok Rekina")
ul. Kazimierza Krolewicza 3-4, building H, tel. 423 13 47, hours: daily 10-18

"Galle" Art Gallery (Galeria Sztuki "Galle")
ul. sw. Wojciecha 1, tel. 488 54 93, hours: 11-18 Mon-Fri; 11-14 Sat

Galeria "Trystero"
ul. sw. Wojciecha 1, tel. 488 24 01, hours: 12-18 Mon-Fri; 12-15 Sat

Galeria "L"
ul. Pilsudskiego 1a, tel. 433 00 33, hours: 11-16 Mon-Fri

Galeria "Przy Piastow"
ul. Piastow 5, tel. 484 14 47, hours: 11-18 Mon-Fri; 11-14 Sat

Galeria "Na Mariackiej"
ul. Mariacka 6/8, tel. 433 71 33, hours: 16-19 Mon-Fri

Galeria "Teraz"
ul. Lenartowicza 3/4, tel. 22 78 56, hours: 17-18 Tue-Fri

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