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Crossbow-yielding Knight The citizens of Torun take their town seriously: the ruins of a Teutonic Knight Castle remain still as a reminder to all who might hope to subjugate them. Attacked in the 15th century, the castle fell to the angered citizens whose revolt ignited a regional uprising against the no longer welcome Knights. Apparently, Torun's residents were experienced: initially plagued by the now extinct pagan Prussians in the 12th century, the town subsequently proved tempting to the Knights, the Swedes, and the modern-day Prussians over the long years.

Statue of Mikolaj Kopernik Part of its appeal surely rested on its location: nestled next to the Vistula, Torun proved a likely site for travellers up and down that watery route. As a result of the trade that accompanied them, Torun grew wealthy over the centuries and built to display that wealth. Fortunately, most of what was constructed remains as Torun survived WWII essentially intact. Along with its genuinely lovely Old and New Towns, Torun can also boast a world-famous native son: Nicholas Copernicus. Having established that the sun and earth maintain a slightly different relationship to one another than claimed elsewhere, Copernicus entered history and Torun along with him.

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