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Old Town Hall
Old Town  Hall
An easy site not to miss, the Gothic Old Town Hall dominates the square. It's three story red brick mass was constructed in the late 14th century, rebuilt in the 17th, and then again in the 18th.
Artus Hall
Opposite the Old Town Hall, this relative late comer (late 19th century) also underscores the continual construction an old town undergoes. Built on the site of 2 previous halls, it was a gathering spot for local movers and shakers. Artus Hall
Church of the Holy Ghost
The Church of the Holy Ghost
For an architectural change, this Baroque beauty contrasts nicely with all that red brick.
St. Catherine's Cathedral
Like any decent centuries-old town, Torun offers numerous sites of worship. This version -- constructed in the late 19th C -- replaced the one destroyed in 1814. St. Catherine's Cathedral
A Rich  Man's Home
Torun grew fat off the trade its proximity to the Vistula brought to its residents. In that time honored tradition, many displayed that wealth inside as well as out.
Town Walls
and Gate
Initially a fortified city, Torun's past remains in its present. Town Walls and Gate
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