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Akwarium Jazz Club
we say: probably the best Jazz club in town
address: ul. Emilii Plater 49 (next to the Palace of Culture)
phone: 620 50 72
hours: 11-last guest

we say: popular expat joint
address: ul. Wierzbowa 9
phone: 827 71 61
hours: 22-4 Thur-Sat

Blue Velvet
we say: techno dance club
address: ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 5
phone: 828 11 03
hours: 22-2 Sun, Tue, Wed; 22-6 Thur-Sat

Ground Zero
we say: generational mix
address: ul. Wspolna 62
phone: 625 43 80
hours: 20-last guest Wed-Thur; 21-last guest Fri-Sat

Klub Stereo
we say: still to explore
address: ul. Nowy Swiat 23/25
phone: 826 35 75
hours: 15-24 Sun-Mon; 15-4 Tue-Sat

Imperium Rytm
we say: still to explore
address: ul. Moniuszki 8
phone: 625 30 23
hours: Fridays

we say: only nightclub of the Old Town Square, catering to actors and showbiz personalities
address: Old Town Square 29/31
phone: 831 02 63
hours: 20-6 daily

we say: business crowd, music mixes
address: Hotel Victoria, ul. Krolewska 11
phone: 657 80 11
hours: 20.30-3 Mon-Sat

we say: gay and mixed couples club; hip music
address: ul. Wawelska 5
phone: no phone
hours: 20-last guest Thur-Sat

we say: still to explore
address: Al. Niepodleglosci 196
phone: 25 71 99
hours: 20-2 Sun-Thur; 21-3 Fri-Sat

we say: lots of live bands, mostly Polish
address: ul. Zwirki i Wigury 99a
phone: 822 87 02
hours: 20-2 Sun-Thur; 20-3 Fri-Sat

we say: once famed student dance club; not as hip today
address: ul. Warynskiego 12
phone: 25 74 97
hours: 18-22 Tue-Thur; 21-2 Fri-Sun

SARP/Club De Sac
we say: still to explore
address: ul. Foksal 2
phone: 827 87 07
hours: 21-4 Fri-Sat

we say: interesting industrial design, many dark places
address: Al. Szucha 3
phone: 625 35 10
hours: 22-last guest Fri-Sat

we say: popular student club
address: ul. Batorego 10
phone: 25 86 25
hours: 20-4 Wed, Fri-Sat

we say: cabaret shows, nudity; caters to the business crowd, definitely not for teens.
address: ul. Smolna 15
phone: 622 19 19
hours: 20-4 Wed; 19-4 Sat, some Fridays

we say: still to explore
address: Al. Krakowska 171
phone: 846 09 94
hours: 21-4 Wed, Fri-Sat

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