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National Museum (Muzeum Narodowe)
pl. Powstancow Warszawy 5, tel. 343 88 30, 72 51 50, hours: 10-16 on Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat-Sun; 10-16 on Thur (summers), 9-16 on Thur (winters); closed on Mon

Situated in a Neorenaissance building, the National Museum in Wroclaw contains one of the largest collections of Silesian and Polish art throughout the ages. Especially interesting are the 12-16th century Silesian sculptures and the 19-20th century Polish art.

Raclawice Panorama (Panorama Raclawicka)
ul. Purkyniego 11, tel. 343 36 39, hours: daily 9-16; closed on Mon

Unveiled in 1894 in Lwow (today Ukraine), this panorama is of magnificant proportions (15 meters high, 140 meters wide) and depicts a battle at Raclawice (1794) when General Kosciuszko's army defeated the Russian forces. Although the uprising failed to liberate Poland, this battle remained in Polish hearts and was duly captured in this centenary production. In fact, it became such a powerful symbol against foreign aggression that it was not until the mid-1980s that the communist authorities allowed the painting to be displayed after it was damaged in WWII.

Archaeological Museum (Muzeum Archeologiczne)
ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 35, tel. 44 28 20, 44 28 29, hours: 10-16 on Wed, Fri, Sat-Sun; 9-16 on Thur; 10-17 summer Sat-Sun; closed on Mon, Tue

This museum covers the prehistorical, Bronze and Stone Age history of Silesia with an interesting focus on societal development in early Silesia. The collection contains 2 of the 5 oldest metal swords in Poland.

City Arsenal (Arsenal Miejski)
ul. Cieszynskiego 9, tel. 44 15 71, hours: 10-16 on Tue, Thur-Fri; 11-17 on Sat; 10-18 on Sun & holidays; closed on Mon, Wed

This arsenal contains white and mechanized weapons from the 16-20th centuries and a collection focusing on Polish forces in the West during WWII. Permanent exhibits include 'One Century in the History of the Gun'.

Museum of the Archdiocese (Muzeum Archidiecezjalne)
ul. Kanonina 12, tel. 22 17 55, hours: 9-15 Tue-Sat; 10-15 Sun & holidays; closed on Mon

Set in a 16th century Gothic house, it features sacral art, mainly paintings and sculpture. The most precious objects include an Egyptian Mummy from 325 BC, 2 stones sculptures from the 3rd century and a figure of John the Baptist (1160).

Old Jewish Cemetary (Stary Cmentarz Zydowski)
ul. Slezna 37/39, tel. 67 82 36, hours: Sun at 12:00; guided tour only

Opened in 1856, the last burial took place in 1942. It is one of the best preserved Jewish cemeteries in Poland. Many famous Wroclaw natives of Jewish origin lay here, including the Rabbis Aharon and David.

Ethnographical Museum (Muzeum Etnograficzne)
ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 35, tel. 44 33 13, hours: 10-16 on Tue-Wed, Fri-Sun; 9-17 on Thur (summertime) and 9-16 on Thur (wintertime); closed on Mon

Displays the history and culture of Lower Silesians. Exhibits ceramics, clothing and folk art.

Museum of Architecture (Muzeum Architektury)
ul. Bernardynska 5, tel. 44 82 78, hours: 10-15.30 on Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat; 11-17 on Sun, holidays; closed on Mon

Museum of Geology (Muzeum Geologiczne)
ul. W. Cybulskiego 30, tel. 20 13 27, hours: 9-17 on Mon, Thur; 9-15 Tue, Wed, Fri; Sat & Sun by appointment only

Historical Museum (Muzeum Historyczne)
Ratusz, tel. 44 14 34, hours: 10-16 on Wed to Fri; 11-17 on Sat; 10-18 Sun, holidays; closed on Mon, Tue

Mineralogy Museum (Muzeum Mineralogiczne)
ul. W. Cybulskiego 30, tel. 20 12 06, hours: 9-18 on Tue to Fri; 9-15 on Sat; closed on Mon, Sun & holidays

Post and Telecommunication Museum (Muzeum Poczty i Telekomunikacji)
ul. Z. Krasinskiego 1, tel. 34 367 65, hours: 10-15 on Mon, Wed-Sat; 11-14.30 on Sun, holidays; closed on Tue

Natural Museum (Muzeum Przyrodnicze)
ul. H. Sienkiewicza 21, tel. 22 50 41, hours: 10-15 on Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat; 10-18 on Thur, Sun; closed on Mon

Museum of Medal Engraving Art (Muzeum Sztuki Medalierskiej)
Rynek 6, tel. 44 39 83, hours: 11-17 on Tue, Thur-Sun; 10-17 on Wed; closed on Mon

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