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Odra River
A natural site worth seeing, the Odra River bisects Wroclaw. The city owes its origins to the river: it was this watery route that transported goods to and from this early market town.
Hala Targowa
Wroclaw remains a market town. An updated version of the 1908 original, the Market Hall offers a colorful variety of food and other essentials.
Town Hall
Symbol of Wroclaw for 700 plus years, the Town Hall owes its beginnings to a Tartar sacking. Originally a simple affair, the Hall was added to over the centuries until it fully reflected Wroclaw's position as an important European trading center.
Market Square
Like most post-war towns in Poland, 'old' refers more to historic age than reality. Although Wroclaw suffered damage in WWII, its sparkling new 'Old Town' proves what a little effort can achieve. Originally established in the 13th century, the present day square remains one of the largest in Europe.
Old meets New
A common site in this millennial-aged city, old contrasts with new as Wroclaw once again rebuilds it past and builds its future.
Wroclaw University
Built in the 18th century, this Baroque masterpiece sits on the site of the old defensive castle. Its crowning glory is the main assembly hall which pulls together the various contributions of the Baroque period to splendid effect. You can also enjoy a view of the city from the observation tower perched on top.
Panorama of Raclawice Battle
So big it required a home of its own, this bigger than big painting glorifies the defeat of Russian troops by Kosciuszko and his bravely insurgent army in the year before Poland was fully partitioned. This painting is yet another contribution from the displaced citizens of Lwow.
Ostrow Tumski Bridge
Constructed at the end of the last century, the Ostrow Tumski Bridge joins the religiously-dominated island with the rest of the city. Cross this bridge to reach the oldest part of Wroclaw where trade initially began and now churches abound.
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
While the site is original, the Cathedral is the fourth to be built on it. The first church housed the newly appointed bishop of Wroclaw, while this version was the first done in Gothic style. Mostly destroyed in WWII, it has been renovated since.
The Houses
of Johnny and Maggie
Two tiny 16th century Baroque houses called 'Jas and Malgosia' in Polish mark the gateway to the Church of St. Elizabeth.
Church of St. Elizabeth
You cannot miss the 90 m tower which took a century and a half to build. This Gothic beauty remains one of Wroclaw's most incredible churches, despite the considerable competition.
along the Odra
Enjoy a watery respite after a long day of sightseeing in this docked steam boat-cum-cafe.
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